Saturday, January 8, 2011

In the Beginning.................

So my journey began in 2009 when I decided I wanted to become a surrogate mother. I was matched with a wonderful male couple out of NY.After all the meet and greets and making sure I was mentally sound we were signing contracts.Shortly after that the shots began, man I dont think I knew what to expect but I knew it'd be worth it. We did the 1st transfer in Oct with unfortuatley failed. After my IFs found another egg donor shots began again. I went through some trying times this time with the shots. My husband was doing them and he was doing great at first but then he or I was doing something wrong and the shots started hurting so bad! We fnally did another transfer Feb 24th. My best friend went with me and had to give me my shots while we were there. I was kinda nervous seeing she'd never done anything like this before but she did great!!!

I knew we were going to be successful with this transfer. It was my nieces birthday, my little sister had went into labor with her second baby and one of the Fathers, G was able to make it to the transfer this time :) Above is a picture of him and I right before the transfer and below him getting ready to go in for transfer.

 So at 4DP a 5DT I started peeing on the sticks, lol!
Low and behold they were POSITIVE!! My husband was scared that I was getting my hopes up too quickly because the line as you can see was light? But I knew it was there and not going anywhere!!!

So on March 17th we had our 1st u/s, not for the reason we wanted but we got it. It was TWINS !!!!!!!!

I had started bleeding the night before and thought the worse. When they did the scan they saw that everyone was ok. I ended up having 2 more episodes of the bleeding through the pregnancy . It was the worst thing through the whole process. Zoom fast forward and on Oct 13, 2010 at 2 am I woke up to a wet bed. I at first thought I was peeing on my self b/c it wasn't like the show in the movies like this big gush. Anywho we got up I called the doctor then called the guys. Headed to the hospital and by 3:00pm I was ready to start pushing out the babies:)

This is G , J and I after such an easy delivery....Down below are the wonderful babies that resulted from such a wonderful experience.


  1. They are beautiful . . . and just 1 day after my wonder twins!

  2. Thanks Kelly !! What time were the wonder twins born?