Saturday, June 11, 2011

One Late Night.....

  Hey everyone , So I know its been a while since I have posted anything soI fig'd I'd take a minute while i am at work trying my best not to fall asleep :( I am currently working 3rd shift now and am just literally exhausted tonight .
  I had my transfer June the 2nd and was confirmed pregnant by the Beta reading of 106 at 7dtpdt. I had taken a couple preg test before then so I already knew I was but always nice to see that number :)
  Just to give you a little update on the proceedings of the transfer. My BF Kelly and I flew down on monday may the 30th bc we were unsure til the last minute if we would be doing a 3 or 5 day transfer. Kelly, Hans and I hung out the entire week and I must say had a Ball ! We went shopping and watched movies and ect. I was so excited on the day of the transfer . Actually got some good pictures which I will post later. I was so thrilled to be able to tell Hans he was going to be a father :)
Ok sorry too tired to think right now :(

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our first date, lol......

    On April 12th we, my hubs and I, started towards the airport to catch our 7:50 flight, little did we know that was about to change. So we got thru security and went to go get comfortable then we realized our flight was delayed til 910. So we sat and waited patiently. After finally boarding the flight we sat on the runway for 20 minutes!! We were finally in the air and trying to rest our eyes for a little bit. Then all hell broke lose, we started to hit turbulence, that was the 1st time we had experienced that and needless to say I was scared out of my mind. I was so ready to finally land !!
    H was waiting for us when we got off the plane. If was so nice to finally meet for the first time. We had about a 30 minute drive to out hotel and when we got there it was straight to bed for us, 7:30am was coming early.
    We got up the next morning and went to sit down for breakfast with H. Curt and I got the delicious breakfast buffet , yummy !
    Then it was off to the clinic to be poked and prod, lol. This is were all the MAGIC will be happening in a month or so :). I found out I would more than likely be starting my meds in about 2 WEEKS ! I knew it was going to move fast and am so excited about that but actually hearing how close it is. I was just like WOW !

Were all the Magic Happens

Waiting for the Practice tranfer
Isn't my pink dress sooooo pretty :)
The Hubs and I
After our appointment was over at the Clinic we were off to get something to eat as we were all starving. We had decided to go eat at Chili's........................

         Man was it good!!!! The guys got ribs and made a mess, lol and I got my FAV chicken fajitas! As we waited for our food we got to know each other a little bit better and My husband was FINALLY starting to open up a little to H. Believe me Curt is not at all shy but you would have thought he was in a coma all day that day, I think my poor hubs had Jet lag , lol ??? I know thats usually with across country flights but man he was so sleepy. After enjoying our lunch we headed to the airport and H walked us in, which I thought was very nice. We went and got my daughter a little gift to take home to her, got H some coffee and then said out goodbyes as he had a ling drive home.
      We got to the airport about 3:30 and our flight wasn't scheduled to leave til about 8:50, so I went to go see if we could possibly get an earlier flight . Iwent up to the counter and the lady told me the earliest was 6:15  but was sold out and even if it wasnt it'd be $50 to switch flights. I came back and told Curt this and he decided it'd be worth it if it was only $50 for both of us. After about a 10 min conversation with the lady he comes back with this big ol' grin on his face. He says come on I got our flight switched but its delayed til 7, delayed but still earlier than our original flight. I kept asking him how'd he get it without a charge and seeing that she had told me they were SOLD OUT? He kept saying its his baby face and smooth talking.......... WHATEVER, lol, He is such a nut. So we got to our new gate and after about 30 mins of sitting there our new EARLIER flight gets delayed til 910!! What, are you kidding me ? Our original flight was earlier than that. This was just not our day with the airlines, lol. So then we were back to sweet talk the airline people again. We finally got up to the desk and I saw there was no Babyface or smooth talking needed, they were more than welcome to help us get it switched around again ;) So then we hurried back to the shuttle to get back over to the original gate and after about 10 minutes of sitting there we looked at the board and this flight had been what??? DELAYED !!!!! Not bc of weather this time but bc we had a plane but not crew to fly the plane ?????So we waited  9:00 then 9:20 then finally at about 9:30 we were boarding our plane. The wait didnt seem as bad when we got on the plane as it was a little bit bigger plane and the seats were so comfortable. Getting home at 1:30 am was not in our plans but we made the best of it trying not to kill each other, lol.
     I have to say it was a very rewarding visit for us. Getting to know H and just enjoying each others company was very nice. I am very excited about our future plans to move forward as we are already starting on the contract phase :) Soon I will be Prego again and helping to make another WONDERFUL family :)))

Hans and I :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Update on my 1st and 2nd Journey

So I just got back yesterday from a weekend visit with my first set of IFs and the beautiful surro twins that resulted from that wonderful journey. I had my best friend accompony me. We had a great time eating dinner at the Rattlesnack Friday night. Saturday we met up with Greg and Jeremy and the twins at Au Bon Pain a little Pastry shop done a couple blocks from out hotel. After that Kelly and I were dropped of by them at Harvard to do a little site seeing and shopping. Sunday we were picked up by Greg and spent the rest of the day loving up on the babies and doing a little more shopping at an outdoor mall the guys took us to. It was all in all a wonderful trip and such a great feeling to have the privelage to be able to see the babies I had delivered just 5 1/2 months before. Man they have grown so fast !! They are so lucky to have such wonderful parents who take such good care of them:)

Kelly and I waiting at airport
                                                 Kelly and I at the Hotel

Us with the wonderful surro twins
                                              The guys had these on their mantel and I thought they were so beautiful

Sylvia and I

Kelly , Gabe and I

Now for and Update on Journey #2. I am excited to tell you all that H has chosen an egg donor .We have our first meeting April 13th at the Clinic in NJ. Its gonna be so great to finally meet the great guy I've been chating with on the phone for the past month or so. He seems so eager and ready to start our adventure on creating his little family. I too am just as eager to get started in helping his dream become a reality. We will be  staying in the same hotel which I think is really cool as then we will be able to talk and get to know each other a little better instead of having to try and squeeze it in between doctors questions or blood test ect. With him already have chosen and egg donor the contracts and meds will not be far away after our first meeting. As long as the contract phase moves fast we will be doing our transfer hopefully towards the end of May !!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Journey #2 Takes Off .....

So it all started last Friday, Feb 11th. My husband and I had a confrence call with the new Potential Intended Father. I will only refer to him by the first inital as he has have requested some privacy in my blog and ect. Our call went very good and we have both decided to move forward in working with each other. I cant wait to get up here and update you guys more, but for now its the paperwork phase of the process :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Difference Already :)

So today is Day 4 of my master cleanse and I am so excited b/c I have lost 2 lbs and can already tell a difference in my tummy !!!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Please let me make it :(

So today is day 2 of the master cleanse. I have been tempted with glazed doughnuts, mcdonalds nuggets and fries and now I am cooking baked spagehtti for dinner, just shoot me now !!! I really want to lose weight but I think this is harder than me just exercising :( I got the uniodized salt today so I could help emilinate more and guzzled 1 tsp of the salt in a 1 liter bottle of water. It wanted to come back up and some succeeded, and after all that I still havent had a BM !!! This is so frustrating. I am so tempted to quit but I want/need to lose weight. I hope I see some weight lose fast or I might just give up?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby weight B-gone !!!!!!

Not sure if this is really related to my surro blog but I feel like it is ? I mean if it wasn't for me doing the Surro I wouldn't have this weight right, lol. So as you know I just had the babies Oct 13th so I'am not being too hard on myself  b/c I mean its only been 3 months. The problem is I am planning on doing another surro in April and don't wanna go into another pregnancy with 20lbs extra weight. Therefore b/c of my smart friend Dana I am doing a Master Cleanse, shes the one that told me about it !! Today is the 1st day and so far so good. I mixed 1 gallon of the lemonade drink last night which consist of Cayenne Pepper , lemon juice, and Grade B maple syrup mixed into water. I had the powder Cayenne pepper which was ok at first but then the more and more I drank it the pepper was settling at the bottom of the glass, can you say Yuck!!! So after making myself guzzle 4 glasses I finally had to go back to the store and get the liquid Cayenne Pepper. I must say much much better!!!! So my starting weight of the master cleanse was 156lbs, 37 inches in the waist. I would like to get down to 140 realistically but am going to try to get down to 125-130? We shall see.I went to the store earlier and my D/H wanted some Reese's cup candy it was so hard not to eat one,then of course had to cook dinner tonight which was soooooo hard. I cooked hamburgers and baked potatoes. MAN did it smell so good!!! I am being strong though and not going to give in. So I shall keep you updated if you care, lol. I am also you tubing my experience if you wanna watch them also :) Heres the link if you're interested
Starting Weight 156lbs
Before picture, hopefully it"ll dramatically change by the end?

This was my first mixture look at all the pepper at the bottom!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Going to visit.............

So excited! I spoke with my IFs from my first surro and I am planning on hopefully going for a visit within the next couple months . I am so over the moon right now!!! I cant wait to be able to see the guys and the babies again. I found some cheap rates on air fair but now just worried about were we will stay, I checked on prices of hotels/motels around the area and the cheapest thing I found was $125.00 a night! Theres no way I can afford that :(  Anyone no someone that'll let me sleep on their couch? lol. Well just wanted to tell yall about my great news.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Surrogate Mother: n. a woman who bears a child for another PERSON; God's way of saying the world should go on; one who inspires hope, sees the good in all, and changes anothers life forever ie. An Angel

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Starting Journey #2 !!!

On Jan 3rd I emailed my contact at Reproductive Possibilites about going ahead and feeling out another applicatin to begin my 2nd journey. She gave me the okay and now I am just patiently awaiting a call about possible matches. I so cant wait to start again and experience another surrogancy. As the process gets further I will blog more and more:)

In the Beginning.................

So my journey began in 2009 when I decided I wanted to become a surrogate mother. I was matched with a wonderful male couple out of NY.After all the meet and greets and making sure I was mentally sound we were signing contracts.Shortly after that the shots began, man I dont think I knew what to expect but I knew it'd be worth it. We did the 1st transfer in Oct with unfortuatley failed. After my IFs found another egg donor shots began again. I went through some trying times this time with the shots. My husband was doing them and he was doing great at first but then he or I was doing something wrong and the shots started hurting so bad! We fnally did another transfer Feb 24th. My best friend went with me and had to give me my shots while we were there. I was kinda nervous seeing she'd never done anything like this before but she did great!!!

I knew we were going to be successful with this transfer. It was my nieces birthday, my little sister had went into labor with her second baby and one of the Fathers, G was able to make it to the transfer this time :) Above is a picture of him and I right before the transfer and below him getting ready to go in for transfer.

 So at 4DP a 5DT I started peeing on the sticks, lol!
Low and behold they were POSITIVE!! My husband was scared that I was getting my hopes up too quickly because the line as you can see was light? But I knew it was there and not going anywhere!!!

So on March 17th we had our 1st u/s, not for the reason we wanted but we got it. It was TWINS !!!!!!!!

I had started bleeding the night before and thought the worse. When they did the scan they saw that everyone was ok. I ended up having 2 more episodes of the bleeding through the pregnancy . It was the worst thing through the whole process. Zoom fast forward and on Oct 13, 2010 at 2 am I woke up to a wet bed. I at first thought I was peeing on my self b/c it wasn't like the show in the movies like this big gush. Anywho we got up I called the doctor then called the guys. Headed to the hospital and by 3:00pm I was ready to start pushing out the babies:)

This is G , J and I after such an easy delivery....Down below are the wonderful babies that resulted from such a wonderful experience.