Monday, March 28, 2011

Update on my 1st and 2nd Journey

So I just got back yesterday from a weekend visit with my first set of IFs and the beautiful surro twins that resulted from that wonderful journey. I had my best friend accompony me. We had a great time eating dinner at the Rattlesnack Friday night. Saturday we met up with Greg and Jeremy and the twins at Au Bon Pain a little Pastry shop done a couple blocks from out hotel. After that Kelly and I were dropped of by them at Harvard to do a little site seeing and shopping. Sunday we were picked up by Greg and spent the rest of the day loving up on the babies and doing a little more shopping at an outdoor mall the guys took us to. It was all in all a wonderful trip and such a great feeling to have the privelage to be able to see the babies I had delivered just 5 1/2 months before. Man they have grown so fast !! They are so lucky to have such wonderful parents who take such good care of them:)

Kelly and I waiting at airport
                                                 Kelly and I at the Hotel

Us with the wonderful surro twins
                                              The guys had these on their mantel and I thought they were so beautiful

Sylvia and I

Kelly , Gabe and I

Now for and Update on Journey #2. I am excited to tell you all that H has chosen an egg donor .We have our first meeting April 13th at the Clinic in NJ. Its gonna be so great to finally meet the great guy I've been chating with on the phone for the past month or so. He seems so eager and ready to start our adventure on creating his little family. I too am just as eager to get started in helping his dream become a reality. We will be  staying in the same hotel which I think is really cool as then we will be able to talk and get to know each other a little better instead of having to try and squeeze it in between doctors questions or blood test ect. With him already have chosen and egg donor the contracts and meds will not be far away after our first meeting. As long as the contract phase moves fast we will be doing our transfer hopefully towards the end of May !!!!!