Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby weight B-gone !!!!!!

Not sure if this is really related to my surro blog but I feel like it is ? I mean if it wasn't for me doing the Surro I wouldn't have this weight right, lol. So as you know I just had the babies Oct 13th so I'am not being too hard on myself  b/c I mean its only been 3 months. The problem is I am planning on doing another surro in April and don't wanna go into another pregnancy with 20lbs extra weight. Therefore b/c of my smart friend Dana I am doing a Master Cleanse, shes the one that told me about it !! Today is the 1st day and so far so good. I mixed 1 gallon of the lemonade drink last night which consist of Cayenne Pepper , lemon juice, and Grade B maple syrup mixed into water. I had the powder Cayenne pepper which was ok at first but then the more and more I drank it the pepper was settling at the bottom of the glass, can you say Yuck!!! So after making myself guzzle 4 glasses I finally had to go back to the store and get the liquid Cayenne Pepper. I must say much much better!!!! So my starting weight of the master cleanse was 156lbs, 37 inches in the waist. I would like to get down to 140 realistically but am going to try to get down to 125-130? We shall see.I went to the store earlier and my D/H wanted some Reese's cup candy it was so hard not to eat one,then of course had to cook dinner tonight which was soooooo hard. I cooked hamburgers and baked potatoes. MAN did it smell so good!!! I am being strong though and not going to give in. So I shall keep you updated if you care, lol. I am also you tubing my experience if you wanna watch them also :) Heres the link if you're interested
Starting Weight 156lbs
Before picture, hopefully it"ll dramatically change by the end?

This was my first mixture look at all the pepper at the bottom!!

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