Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our first date, lol......

    On April 12th we, my hubs and I, started towards the airport to catch our 7:50 flight, little did we know that was about to change. So we got thru security and went to go get comfortable then we realized our flight was delayed til 910. So we sat and waited patiently. After finally boarding the flight we sat on the runway for 20 minutes!! We were finally in the air and trying to rest our eyes for a little bit. Then all hell broke lose, we started to hit turbulence, that was the 1st time we had experienced that and needless to say I was scared out of my mind. I was so ready to finally land !!
    H was waiting for us when we got off the plane. If was so nice to finally meet for the first time. We had about a 30 minute drive to out hotel and when we got there it was straight to bed for us, 7:30am was coming early.
    We got up the next morning and went to sit down for breakfast with H. Curt and I got the delicious breakfast buffet , yummy !
    Then it was off to the clinic to be poked and prod, lol. This is were all the MAGIC will be happening in a month or so :). I found out I would more than likely be starting my meds in about 2 WEEKS ! I knew it was going to move fast and am so excited about that but actually hearing how close it is. I was just like WOW !

Were all the Magic Happens

Waiting for the Practice tranfer
Isn't my pink dress sooooo pretty :)
The Hubs and I
After our appointment was over at the Clinic we were off to get something to eat as we were all starving. We had decided to go eat at Chili's........................

         Man was it good!!!! The guys got ribs and made a mess, lol and I got my FAV chicken fajitas! As we waited for our food we got to know each other a little bit better and My husband was FINALLY starting to open up a little to H. Believe me Curt is not at all shy but you would have thought he was in a coma all day that day, I think my poor hubs had Jet lag , lol ??? I know thats usually with across country flights but man he was so sleepy. After enjoying our lunch we headed to the airport and H walked us in, which I thought was very nice. We went and got my daughter a little gift to take home to her, got H some coffee and then said out goodbyes as he had a ling drive home.
      We got to the airport about 3:30 and our flight wasn't scheduled to leave til about 8:50, so I went to go see if we could possibly get an earlier flight . Iwent up to the counter and the lady told me the earliest was 6:15  but was sold out and even if it wasnt it'd be $50 to switch flights. I came back and told Curt this and he decided it'd be worth it if it was only $50 for both of us. After about a 10 min conversation with the lady he comes back with this big ol' grin on his face. He says come on I got our flight switched but its delayed til 7, delayed but still earlier than our original flight. I kept asking him how'd he get it without a charge and seeing that she had told me they were SOLD OUT? He kept saying its his baby face and smooth talking.......... WHATEVER, lol, He is such a nut. So we got to our new gate and after about 30 mins of sitting there our new EARLIER flight gets delayed til 910!! What, are you kidding me ? Our original flight was earlier than that. This was just not our day with the airlines, lol. So then we were back to sweet talk the airline people again. We finally got up to the desk and I saw there was no Babyface or smooth talking needed, they were more than welcome to help us get it switched around again ;) So then we hurried back to the shuttle to get back over to the original gate and after about 10 minutes of sitting there we looked at the board and this flight had been what??? DELAYED !!!!! Not bc of weather this time but bc we had a plane but not crew to fly the plane ?????So we waited  9:00 then 9:20 then finally at about 9:30 we were boarding our plane. The wait didnt seem as bad when we got on the plane as it was a little bit bigger plane and the seats were so comfortable. Getting home at 1:30 am was not in our plans but we made the best of it trying not to kill each other, lol.
     I have to say it was a very rewarding visit for us. Getting to know H and just enjoying each others company was very nice. I am very excited about our future plans to move forward as we are already starting on the contract phase :) Soon I will be Prego again and helping to make another WONDERFUL family :)))

Hans and I :)